ASKO, Norway

Sold PALOMAT Greenline Coldstore 15 pll.. Installation August 2023

TINE Sentrallager, Norway

Sold Pohjaranta washing plant. Project and installation start is from october 2019 to january 2020.

Famifarm, Finland

Sold Somic plant to Famifarm.

Marenor, Sweden

Sold 3 barrel washers for Marenor in Sweden from JEROS in Denmark Marenor is part of the Insula group (Norwegian owned)
You can see the 3 machine types here on YouTube

FoodMan, Norway

Continuous deliveries of machines, weighing belts, etc. from JS Stål in Denmark to Foodman in Norway.‚Äč

NorPri, Norway

Sold plant for JEROS in Denmark to NorPri in Norway.