Thanks a lot ...

Thank you so much for the well-attended fair at FoodTech in Herning. We had many on the stand, talked with many and got many questions, as we pt. is about to process.

Therefore, we spend the next couple of weeks coming into contact with new opportunities and meeting with the companies we received directly from.

At the same time, we are planning the next fairs we participate in, and will of course publish it on this page when these are booked.


ANDERSEN SUPPORT is representing and supplying various brands in different business areas,
such as the food industry and urban furniture.

ANDERSEN SUPPORT operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany
in the food industry, and as a sales representive in urban furniture in Denmark.

The correlation between all products is based on quality, design and functional safety.


►NORSK LASTBÆRER POOL optimizes quality and delivery security against our customers.
Check out the press release (in Norwegian) here

►The SeaPeeler Flex is now available. Check out the amazing machine here



With large production capacities and flexibilities, ANDERSEN SUPPORT provides a various amount of high-end products, tailormade for the companies who want to take the lead, through technology or design.


ANDERSEN SUPPORT operates in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany, and represent and supply various brands from different industries, based on the right market knowledge.


With more than 30 years of sales and negotiation experience both nationally and internationally, CEO Allan Andersen, ANDERSEN SUPPORT, have continuously achieved remarkable results.