We understand that you are looking for the best solution for your packaging and presentation of your products. To help you optimize your packaging solutions, SOMIC collaborates with you to meet your goals through specific package designs and product collation requirements. In order to meet your needs, we strive to intimately understand your packaging environment and production conditions.


We will collaborate with your packaging designers to develop your unique packaging concept. In order to present your product in an attractive and unique package at the Point of Sale, SOMIC incorporates your quality and performance requirements with our careful product handling philosophy. Our packaging systems provide the optimal solution for any demand.


For single-component packaging:
- Tray packer Somic 424 T2
- Wrap around packer Somic 424 W3
- Cartoner Somic 232 FS

For Multi-component packaging:
- Tray/Cover packer Somic 424 TD
- Cover/Tray packer Somic 424 DT

Modular Packing lines:
- Case Erector Somic 424 KA
- Box coverer Somic 424 DA
- Closing machines Somic VM



KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS supplies high quality washing and disinfection solutions of critical process equipment to companies amongst others in the food processing industry.

KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS are specialists when it comes to cleaning critical equipment in the food industry.

Our solutions meet the industry’s stringent demands in terms of hygiene and efficiency. We always incorporate our solutions in your production facilities in scrupulous detail, making the washing process a natural, efficient part of the production flow.

Every single solution from KEN HYGIENE SYSTEMS is based on tried and tested washing technologies. Decades of experience have taught us how cleaning processes should be designed to guarantee the highest possible standard of hygiene, while keeping the consumption of water, detergent and energy at an absolute minimum.

We use our experience to bring business benefits to food industry customers, providing them with balanced solutions based on robust knowledge and respect for local conditions.

No two companies or challenges are alike; Finding a solution that meets the needs of the customer and users as effectively as possible demands a thorough process.

This involves analysis of requirements and current conditions to provide a basis for our recommendation.

We also bear in mind the operating phase – after all, this is where the solution will really prove its worth.


Pohjaranta supplies energy-efficient, eco-friendly crate washing lines that improve productivity and efficiency. We will provide you module-based washing lines and solutions customized for special needs and layouts.  

We are familiar with most of the washing needs of the food industry, and we have solutions for them. Our experienced designers will find solutions even for the most unique washing needs or the customer’s existing operating environment. Our new washing lines use less energy and detergents, and their water consumption has been minimized.

We have long experience with designing and implementing crate processing equipment for the food industry. If needed, our washing lines also include crate processing solutions: e.g. stack conveyors, overhead rail systems, stackers and de-stackers. We will make the necessary layout plans and deliver you the required washing lines with their conveyors and processing equipment. Our crate processing solutions optimize our customers’ crate processing, transit and storage and improve productivity. You’ll get the required number of clean and dry boxes in the right place at the right time.


In May 2009 we started as a little blacksmith, but since then it has gone forward.  We are currently 22 employees, and although we have experienced success, including the allocation of the Gazelle Gazelle in 2014/2015 and 2017, we still keep our legs solidly planted in the North Jutland mould.  The values ​​are the same as in 2009, where the focus is still on delivering the highest quality products and the best service to our customers. We are a whole host of employees who all go up to accomplish our tasks to perfection. We possess the most skilled professionals in each individual field of work, and at the same time we are people who care about each other and ensure each other the best working conditions. Our workplace is therefore also characterized by mutual trust and respect, which means that we are able to lift and create products where everything is thought out.
It is our main goal for the future that we continue to be true to ourselves and our customers. In order to maintain our product quality and service, we therefore have plans to add further skills to our staff in the future. With the demand for our products as a subcontractor, we also have plans to produce our very own product with just the high quality we are known for.

FURTHER INFO (in Danish)

JEROS A/S - An international company with more than 55 years' experience in the development, production and sales of tray cleaners, utensil washers, and crate washers for retail and the food industry. 

JEROS A/S was founded in 1963 in Odense/Denmark, where the production of tray cleaning machines, primarily for the Danish market began. 


During the 70's a network of dealers was established throughout Europe. Today, JEROS A/S is not only the oldest manufacturer of tray cleaners for trays with 2 borders, JEROS is also the present market leader in Europe. 

Since 1972 JEROS A/S has been specializing in the production of utensil washers too. The JEROS utensil washers are available in various models and sizes for branches like bakeries, confectioners, butchers, catering, fast-food, fish and food industry, among others. The JEROS utensil washers are exported World Wide. 

JEROS offer a broad product range including dish washers, utensil washers, conveyor tunnel washers, and crate washers all constructed in modules making them very suitable for customization. 

Today, JEROS A/S is a modern, solution-orientated manufacturing company with a high degree of flexibility thus being well-prepared for future demands in the production of qualitative and functional solutions. JEROS relies on a team of innovative employees who with their individual skills and know-how contribute to ensure future development. 

During the last 55 years a wide and strong network of experienced dealers and service organizations has been established World Wide - an expansion of the market which still today is under constant development.

Today JEROS presents itself as a modern, solution orientated Production Company with a high degree of flexibility for meeting the demands of the future with quality and functional solutions. JEROS is made up of a team of innovative employees who, with their individual know-how, will secure the future development of JEROS.

Since 2012 the company is managed by his daughter Evita Rosdahl, who could celebrate 25th anniversary October 2017.


NOCK is an owner run German family business, which manufactures and sells successfully modern high class machines for the food processing industry worldwide since 1990.  

The NOCK product range:
  • derinding machines 
  • membraning machines 
  • Doner and Gyros cutting machines 
  • circular blade cutting machines 
  • fish skinning machines 
  • poultry skinning machines 
  • scale ice makers

In close contact to food processing plants and our distributors, the machines are constantly further developed. Of course the latest hygiene and safety standards are respected. NOCK can offer German high class workmanship at interesting prices due to modular construction, modern production methods and strict cost management. 
NOCK has become a well-known brand for food processing machines with  
  • particular robustness, reliability and durability 
  • service-friendly construction 
  • easy handling and quick cleaning 
  • best hygiene and 
  • innovative solutions


ACT Gruppen is a supplier of machines, equipment and system solutions for marking, tracking and control of products and packaging. We supply to production and trading companies throughout Scandinavia.

ACT Gruppen is a Norwegian owned company, which was established in 1990 by engineer Kjell Erik Mathiesen, who is currently CEO. ACT Gruppen has built and developed a comprehensive delivery program and a solid competence. ACT Gruppen supplies equipment for all industries. The delivery program includes standard solutions and customer and industry-adapted solutions. Common to all our solutions is the requirement for high reliability, low operating costs and simple maintenance.